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Share (Savings) Accounts

Previous dividend 0.10% – 0.70% Div. Rate APY *
Dividend declared at close of quarter

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Previous dividend 0.05% Div. Rate APY *
Dividend payable monthly

Club Accounts

Vacation Club 0.10% – 0.70% Div. Rate APY *
Christmas Club 0.10% – 0.70% Div. Rate APY *
Transfers into savings 10/31

Share Certificate Accounts


6 months 1.15 % Div. Rate APY *
12 months 1.65% Div. Rate APY *
18 months 1.85% Div. Rate APY *
24 months 1.90 % Div. Rate APY *
36 months  2.05% Div. Rate APY *
48 months 2.10% Div. Rate APY *
60 months 2.35% Div. Rate APY*
$1000 minimum $25,000 maximum Rates are subject to change

Loan Accounts

Vehicle Loans

New Auto Loan / Used Auto Loan as low as 4.25% APR 90 % of vehicle up 72 mo.
Rates vary by loan terms and credit score
Used Auto Loan 7 Years or Older as low as 5.25% and up to 16.9% APR 100% clean trade- in up to 60 mo.
 Rates vary by loan terms and credit score
When obtaining a loan at SECCU, your Credit Report will be used to determine the rates and terms of the loan you will receive. Typically, the higher the score on your Credit Report, the better the rate you will receive on the loan.

There are three credit reporting companies that generate Credit Reports: Experian.

All consumers are entitled to receive an annual copy of their Credit Report at no charge. To request yours today, visit AnnualCreditReport.com. The site will also provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Knowing and understanding your credit score will not only aid you in obtaining financing, it can also protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Personal Loans

Signature Loans Rates As Low As 9.9% Up To $15,000.00
Cosigner Loans Rates As Low As 9.9% Up To $15,000.00
Share Secured Loans Rate 2.05%
Vacation Loans Rates As Low As 7% Up to $3,500.00 For 12 Months
Available April Until August
Christmas Loans Rates As Low As 7% Up to $3,500.00 For 12 Months
Available October Until February

To apply for a loan, please click HERE and fill out all paperwork and return to State Employee Community Credit Union  
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Please fill out application and E-mail or Fax:

E-mail: Sharvey@state-employeescu.com

E-mail: Hmosby@state-employeescu.com

E-mail: Ccarlisle@state-employeescu.com

Email: AArnold@state-employeescu.com

Fax: 618-465-5143



Miscellaneous Fees

Service Fee’s
ACH Stop Payments $25.00
Copy of Paid Share Draft $2.00
Nonsufficient funds: ATM Withdrawal $25.00
Nonsufficient funds: Share Draft $25.00
Overdraft Transfers (over 6) $5.00
Replace Lost Check and/or ATM Card $10.00
Stop Payments $25.00
Copy of Statement $2.00
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